Weber Spirit SP-310 Gas Grill Review

Weber Spirit SP-310 Gas Grill Review

The Weber Spirit SP-310 Gas Grill is a beautiful grill that comes with a stainless steel hood and door plus stainless steel rod cooking grates.

For the first time when you buy the grill, you might get astonished by the shiny looks, but it doesn’t offer any real improvement to the grill for cooking purposes.

But the solid build and reduced price tag compared to other same sized gas grills makes this an outstanding grill.

Honestly, the best gas grill is that fulfills your requirements. This one comes with basic 3-burners and other basic features like propane gauge that makes this model best.

Furthermore, this gas grill is backed by Weber, a most popular name for making grills and they have responsive support to solve any of your problem regarding grill.

But the downside to this gas grill is the lower grades of stainless steel construction which are also justified by the lowest price tag.

The Weber Spirit Grill line offers a range of gas grills but the SP-130 is the best version of this series. The prime objective of this series was to build budget-friendly gas grills for budget conscious people looking for affordable gas grills and a suitable alternative to Genesis Grills.

So, Weber started manufacturing the Spirit Grills and this one is the most commonly used one.

The SP-130 shares many features of the Genesis versions, but are much simplified compared to Genesis grills.

What truly makes this grill outstanding is the stainless steel rod cooking grates which not only look premium but also help in cooking great stuff.

If you are looking for the best grill to be used for indoor, then our guide on the best indoor grills is for you.

Although this is not a big improvement, it’s still a nice replacement of standard porcelain coated cast iron grates in other and previous models.

The cooking area is 424 square inches and the three burners below can easily adjust by producing 32,000 BTU.

Fortunately, Weber’s efficient design not only helps this grill to heat up quickly But also allows to control temperature and maintain according to your needs.

Furthermore, the other accessories of this gas grill are also coated in stainless steel which is also an improvement because all other models of Spirit line have black enameled bodies.


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  • Has 3 stainless steel burners that produce 10,667 BTU
  • The total cooking area is 529 square inches
  • Maximum output is 32,000 BTU from the main burners
  • Stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • Electric (AA-Battery) crossover ignition
  • Stainless steel construction and accessories
  • Fully enclosed cabinet
  • The thermometer is hood mounted as well as the propane tank gauge
  • Available propane or natural gas – not convertible
  • Built in China


The stainless steel construction might not be durable but it makes the unit beautiful. But, you might have an issue with the Weber Spirit grill’s pricing.

Overall, Weber Spirit SP-130 is a great gas grill that has improved construction and accessories and comes with a bigger cooking area and a reasonable price tag.

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  • Large cooking area
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Stainless steel accessories



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  • The stainless steel body is not that reliable


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