Weber Spirit Grill Review

Weber Spirit Grill Review

In grilling Weber is one of the most reliable names. There are also a lot of cheaply build grills available in the market.

Yes, of course, these are little cheap in price but you have to compromise on quality as well—so, going with Weber is a reliable choice.

In this article I am writing a weber spirit grill review—also, known as Weber Spirit E310 II Grill. It is recommended to stick with the article till the end and I can guarantee at the end you’ll be able to make a confident choice.

Weber Spirit Grill Review

This Weber Spirit II E310 is released in January 2018, which has replaced its predecessor Weber Spirit E310. No doubt, the weber spirit E10 grill retains the position of best-selling product for a couple of years but its modified version has come with some further modifications. It is big enough to hold a whole roasted chicken or barbecue chicken. Overall, the size is little compact but the grilling area is quite large to accommodate a complete meal for a whole family (meat, fish and couple of veggies), or a dozen of burger patties for a backyard gathering.

And with this champion, you can show off your cooking skill and It’ll never be going to spoil the show for you. Talking about working life—it has cast-aluminum made rust-proof firebox which last long.

Key Features

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  • 3x 10,667 BTU stainless steel tubular burner
  • 424 sq. inch primary cooking is and 529 sq. inch total cooking area
  • Up to 32,000 BTU output from the main burner
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • AA-battery ignition
  • Rust-proof porcelain-enameled steel, cast-iron, and stainless-steel construction
  • Propane tank gauge and thermometer is mounted on the top
  • Built in China


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Build Quality

As it is little bulkier than the traditional portable grill so it doesn’t come assembled right out of the box, you have to do it yourself. Assembly is a little complicated and may take a couple of hours. There are many individual parts, but thanks to the labels on the parts and the clear instructions. It not lightweight at all, you’ll going to need a helping hand while moving it around.

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The whole grill with its lid open measures about 63” x 52” x 32”. The construction is solid and last for decades with very minimal care. The stainless steel made side table give little more space for preparation and give the design a solid feel. One thing you should keep in mind the Spirit series product is not made in America but in China.

Weber is commonly known for its high caliber and Made in America items, however, the Spirit line is Made in China and is the most economical line of full-size gas grills offered by Weber.

By and by, we don’t trust it has the higher quality form of different lines, yet it has a ton to offer those looking for a gas grill outfitted with the same number of features in a moderate package.


The Weber Spirit II E310 has three main burners which put power out almost 30,000 BTU per hour. Ignition is quite easier with the electric crossover ignition system. It has an impressive cooking area of 424 sq. inch along with 105 sq. inch warming rack, overall, making it 529 sq. inch which purely leads to glorious grilling experience. This space is enough for a cooking meal for the whole family or friends gathering.

Cooking Space

The cooking space of Weber is a huge advantage. About pound, turkey is a little harder to cook but with this champ, it is no longer difficult to tackle. And there is a stainless steel table is also included which broadens the space too.


Preparing the best grill needs full control over the heat and this grill is enables you to control the heating to create direct and indirect heat zones. Also, the flavored bar is an excellent addition, it actually catches the drippings and returns the sizzling flavor back to your food.

Easy to Clean

As the manufacturer advertised, it has a grease management system, which works well. The juice dripping which is not vaporized by the flavored bar directly go inside the catch pan by passing through angled grease tray. The pan is located on the moderate distance from burner and detachable too which leads to quick and easy clean-up.

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The large cooking area, three burner grill design, power, and space which keeps the small gathering get going are the main features of this top line product. Although there are some issues as well when it comes to features, quality, durability, performance, and consistency, it definitely worth the price.

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  • Durable, reliable, and consistent
  • Offer large cooking surface
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance



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  • Some part may bend
  • Assembly is a little difficult


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