Weber 1141001 Go Anywhere Gas Grill Review

Weber 1141001 grill Review

Portable Gas Grills are the best option if you are one of those who likes to enjoy with grilling but has little space. There are many options available in the market and the Weber is a well-reputed name among them. In this article, I am writing weber 1141001 go anywhere gas grill review. So, sit tight and read the full article for knowing each and everything about this specific product.

There two portable grills from Weber that are the best performer, one of them is weber 1141001 which uses gas and the other is weber 121020 which uses charcoal. No doubt, the charcoal grill is efficiently good but, in this post, I am writing deep analysis for Gas Grill to help those who are used to go gas grilling.

Weber 1141001 Go-Anywhere Gas Grill Review

The Weber grills are one of the favorite grills for professional because these provide a perfect mix of usability, portability, quality, and cost. As much as we know there are the most inexpensive and worth considering. The Weber Go-Anywhere are handy, easy to use, and run on gas having a little propane canister along with efficient flame adjustment capability. Also, the manufacturer made some recent changes for making it perfect for a fishing trip, camping, and occasional outdoor lunch or dinner.

Key Features

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  • 160 sq. inch large cooking space
  • Cast iron cooking grates are porcelain-enameled
  • Equipped with three handles for easy maneuvering


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As mentioned above the Weber Go-Anywhere is a perfect mix of usability, quality, and small size which perform decently well everywhere.

Weber 1141001 Go Anywhere Gas Grill design

For 160 square inch large cooking surface it is equipped with a single-tube burner which puts about 6,500 BTUs. The cast iron cooking grates are porcelain-enameled and have size about 10 inches by 16 inches. While the size of the entire grill is about 21 inches by 12 inches.

If you are looking for the best grill to be used for indoor, then our guide on the best indoor grills is for you.


This Weber-1141001 model comes with some recent modification. Such as the previous version equipped with a metal shield which covers the bottom and wire type grate right above this shield. The basic idea behind was that grease drippings ignite hot plate and add more flavor to your meat. The idea was not bad at all but it can increase grease flareup risk.

While the new style grates are a little flatter and cover the whole burner tubes which means that that the drippings will not drop on flame but in the pan. If you are cooking a greasy burger patty than you’ll go to have a grease build ups in your pan bottom. In this case, it is recommended by Weber to use a plastic scraper to clean the mess—but first, let it cool and solidify.

Flame Adjustment

The Weber go-anywhere has two flame adjustment settings. First, the nob located on the top of the grill allows you to turn the propane flame on or off while the second one is regulator body which lets you adjust the flame setting between high to low.


The main benefit of using the flatter grill that it lets you know the grill heated up for grilling. Starting with hot grates will bring grill marks on your meat piece. Of course, the grill is non-stick but adding a little vegetable oil will help you too. If you are used to cooking spray then be careful because these are flammable.

Although, the cooking area spread heat evenly the corner part remains a bit cooler than the center. So, paying proper attention to your food while cooking gives you excellent results. Putting a bunch of burger patties will give you a tough time. In the case of a group, gathering try to plan on eating in shifts, it’ll lead you to effective grilling.

One more thing: If you are planning an outdoor trip in the forest than you must invest in a lightweight portable grill. Because public lands and campgrounds implement bans due to the high risk of forest fire in summer.

When it comes to design and portability the Weber Go-Anywhere is quite effective, affordable, and lightweight Gas Grill. Going with price to value ratio you’ll see this best grill standing in the top line product. There are more grills which are less costly but they are not made like this champion and you have to compromise on the construction quality. This gas grill is effective, give you great backyard cooking experience, and worth the price.

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  • Extremely portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy clean-up
  • Large cooking surface
  • 6500 BUT power
  • No grease flare ups



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  • Only 1 burner
  • Legs material is little flimsy


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