Napoleon Travelq Tq285 Pportable Grill Review

Napoleon Travelq Tq285 Pportable Grill Review

Grill lovers looking for the best gas grill want to consider how frequently they are going to use the grill and how much space they have for the grill.

Similarly, few other things necessary in a grill are a number of burners, energy output, and the design because all of these factors matter to make a gas grill of your needs.

Fortunately, this 20-pound TravelQ gas grill is compact, lightweight and portable enough that you can carry around with a single hand and it checks all the marks required for an ideal grill.

Despite this, TravelQ gas grill offers a range of grilling space provided on heavy cast iron cooking rates.

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  • Two 6,000 BTU burners
  • 285 square inch cooking area
  • 12,000 BTU maximum output
  • 20-pound total weight
  • Enameled stamped steel construction
  • Plastic handles
  • Hood-mounted temperature gauge
  • On-knob piezoelectric ignition
  • Folding legs and cooking lid
  • Disposable propane bottles
  • Manufactured in North America


It’s not that bigger in size and the super lightweight design earns its a title in the list of portable grills, Plus the heat output capacity is a big check for making it a portable grill.

Compared to similar sized grills, the TravelQ has a twin burner design which is helpful to cook a range of versatile foods.

If you are looking for the best grill to be used for indoor, then our guide on the best indoor grills is for you.

That said, the TravelQ is a well-built portable grill that’s perfect for outdoors and can also be used as a park or the beach without breaking the bank.

It’s comparable to portable grills by Weber’s Q line. The prime feature of TravelQ over Weber’s Q line grills is that it’s lighter in weight and very easy to transport as it only weighs around 20 pounds.

Similarly, the TravelQ has folding legs and a locking lid which not only makes it super portable but easy to move to your desired place due to lightweight.

If you are planning a vacation or a weekend for traveling, TravelQ, as the name suggests, is the deal breaker, thanks to some great features like the two-burner design to keep the food warm for longer times while you are grilling other stuff for your meal.

Although TravelQ lacks heat or performance like the full-sized grill, the trade-off of going portable is worth it. Even, the majority of other portable grills like this has only one burner, that reduces the versatility of cooking.

Similarly, there are some other sacrifices made by the advanced grillers. For instance, the body of TravelQ is built of stamped steel which is not efficient to keep the heat inside and results in releasing the heat outside of the surface.

Furthermore, TravelQ has a fragile body which is prone to be dented. So while taking this grill with you or moving it make sure to keep this in mind because the handles and knobs are also built of lightweight plastic, which cheapens the look and feel of the unit.

TravelQ might sound like a less-durable grill, but it is taken care properly it can last for several years. Plus, it brings an optional folding stand that also has a complimentary design. Although the grill is portable the wheels make it much more easy to transport and the kickstand allows the grill to stand upright.

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Overall, TravelQ is an excellent grill that comes with a handful of features including two burners, portable design, porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates and many other making it an ideal grill for outdoors in an inexpensive price tag.

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  • Portable gas grill
  • Compact design
  • Two independent burners



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  • Fragile body
  • Head pops out to the surface


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