Coleman Roadtrip LXX Review

Coleman Roadtrip LXX

Looking for a new grill? Or replacing the previous one then you should go for the Coleman grills. It is a well-reputed name in the market and making the excellent quality grill for years. The Coleman is a name of durability and quality. In this article, I am writing a Coleman road trip lxx review. So, read the full article It’ll definitely help you in making a choice.

Key Features

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  • Give 20,000 BTU power output
  • Portable and can be moved anywhere easily
  • An excellent choice for road trips and camping
  • Foldable and can be fit easily in any vehicle
  • 285 sq. inch grilling area
  • The sliding table on both sides


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Coleman RoadTrip LXX Review

The Coleman road trip lxx is well known for the easiest start-up, fast heating, and about 285 sq. inch large cooking area with top mounted thermometer and two burners. This LXE is consistent, flexible and starts every time you need it. Also, it has low, medium, and high heat settings. As compared to other grills of this size, it is less expensive, heavy and gives great grilling results.


The grilling surface is solidly built and incorporates a grilling grate around the outer part. So, it’s to a greater extent a frying pan in the center and a grill around the edge. At 285 sq inch, it grills a considerable lot of food. In case you’re cooking for 10+ people, adhere to your ginormous estimated patio grill. In case you’re cooking for 4-6 individuals, you’ll do fine with the LXX.

If you are looking for the best grill to be used for indoor, then our guide on the best indoor grills is for you.

Power Output

As the manufacturer advertised it is built to give power about 22,000 BTUs which the highest power output than the any other which we have tested. Despite the real BTU rating, the Coleman delivers all the heat that our analyzers required. It doesn’t run excessively hot, and it doesn’t eat up a ton of fuel. The temperature is quite easy to control, and the fuel yield is smooth and reliable.


It is equipped with PerfectFlow technology as well as built-in thermometer which helps to regulate the temperature all over the surface. There is also, a dual round burner head which is located beneath the rectangular tray, enabling the user to move the food from the hottest point to lower and so on. It has two burners—you can turn one off if you have a little amount of food to cook.


When it comes to portability than this LXX is one of the heaviest grills we tested. It equipped with a wheel which makes it little more reliable and manageable. This guy is quite easier to move from one place to another, and the wheel can be folded as well which leads to easy storage.

Safety Note: Coleman RoadTrip LXX. This grill is easier to move from one place to another in the folded and in the upstanding position as well. In any case, it is somewhat of a challenge to lift it into and out of a trunk, and it is hazardous to endeavor to raise it from folding position to upstanding position without perusing the direction first.

Cooking Area

The grilling grates are made of porcelain coated cast-iron which is quite efficient and consistent to cook on. It shouldn’t really be cleaned right after each time you grill. Before grilling whenever simply heat it on high and rub it with a grill brush. If you decided to go with this option then make sure that the compartment right under the grate must be cleaned regularly. It has three handy hooks located in the front which helps you to hang your grilling utensils. You may also get a griddle separately if you want to cover one or both sides.

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The Coleman roadtrip lxx is fully equipped with excellent features which makes it pretty reliable. Also, it gives excellent power output and gives excellent grilling results. I am sure after reading this Coleman roadtrip lxx review you are confident to make choice.

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  • Durable, reliable, and consistent performer
  • Grill for 4-6 people in one go
  • Moving from one place to another is quite easier due to wheels



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  • Little hard to move it to an upright position


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