Big Green Egg XXL Review

Big Green Egg XXL Review

The Big Green Egg is a well-known name for making kamado-style grills for a long time. Except for grills, the Big Green is also involved in making most versatile barbecue products like oven and smokers. That said Big Green Egg XXL is one of their products.

This Big Green Egg XXL Review is about the biggest griller by the brand which is more suitable for catering needs or backyard cooking.

It may be the biggest by this brand but not overall as there’s a Ranch Kettle the biggest of all.

But, the Big Green XXL is a reasonably large charcoal grill, and the large size means huge weight and the big price tag.

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The Big Green Egg is nothing less than a monster. It’s capable to reach beyond 600 degrees and can hold temperature at 200 degrees as well, which makes this unit a nice option for searing steaks and smoking briskets.

If you are looking for the best grill to be used for indoor, then our guide on the best indoor grills is for you.

There is a total of seven sizes ranging from mini to XXL. So the unit we are discussing has 29-inch diameter cooking surface which allows you to cook a dozen chickens which can be suitable for big parties.

The large size of this grill makes it difficult to move.

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  • Diameter: 29-inch
  • Vent Cap: cast iron
  • Shell: Ceramic
  • Interior: Glazed
  • Lid: Spring loaded


The Big Green XXL provides complete control over temperature and allows you to cook a range of stuff in it for small or big gatherings or parties.

The durable construction is weather-resistant and you can keep the grill hanging in your backyard or anywhere due to the larger size.

The ceramic shell holds heat for even cooking, similarly the heat control is achieved by the proper ventilation.

The best part about this grill is the huge cooking area which can also be used as a smoker.

Keep in mind that the larger size and larger meals require a large amount of fuel, but it consumes less charcoal compared to other products of this size and can be shut down to snuff out remaining charcoal.

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As mentioned earlier, you should pick this grill for bigger events where very large cookouts are required. It may be an efficient grill, but reaching to top temperatures will burn a lot of fuel.

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  • Best for catering
  • Allows to cook a range of meals
  • Temperature control



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  • Expensive price tag
  • Bulky


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